3D Animation | Game art | Unity Ready

  3D Animation for a game based in the characters of a children's comic book. Here you can see the 3d animation for a game/ app based on Elisama's comic book series for kids I produced this kids comic book about bible stories in 2015. This same comic book now has an app under production, YAY! I... Continue Reading →


Kids Illustration | Tomboy girl

Children's book style Illustration and character design. This is a character design study for children's book illustration, a tomboy girl that is smart and loves to do artsy stuff. In this character design I added familiar elements to my own experience with this type of character. Also, these are the kind of boots I use... Continue Reading →

Character design | Line up | Cartoon

Character design for books and animation. Two kids and a dog. The starting point of a great adventure This study of character design and digital painting is an art submission for the animation course I graduated from in 2015. It made me start to build my portfolio around this style. The briefing for the creation... Continue Reading →

Apocalyptic Character design

Post apocalyptic creature design Abnormal feral dog. This exercise is both a portfolio piece and a personal piece. I've been wanting to portray post apocalyptic creatures which evolution and natural selection would have produced with help of human or alien modifications. This creature is likely to appear in a couple thousand years in the future, descending from dogs... Continue Reading →

Post apocalyptic Character design

Post apocalyptic survivor A survivor, a rogue. In this exercise, my intention was to transmit the character as a post apocalyptic survivor, a resourceful character that uses whatever means necessary to survive. He uses ragged clothes, different types of shoes and has his face covered with wounds from his encounters. This character does not battle, but... Continue Reading →


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