3D Animation | Game art | Unity Ready

  3D Animation for a game based in the characters of a children's comic book. Here you can see the 3d animation for a game/ app based on Elisama's comic book series for kids I produced this kids comic book about bible stories in 2015. This same comic book now has an app under production, YAY! I... Continue Reading →


Character design | Animation | Samurai Robot |

Animation of a robot that just can't get his feet together =/ I produced this animation for a character design challenge about samurais. Well, not quite a samurai but somewhat inspired by the theme. I would also consider it fan art for the Super Metroid reference right there Need to hire an illustrator? CONTACT ME via... Continue Reading →

Concept artwork | Background |

  Imagine a world of little creatures that hide on some concept artwork portfolio piece on the internet. This was a quick and very funny one. I imagined little beings that dwell in human junk while fighting among themselves. I took reference on it from somewhere I cant remember but... meh! This concept artwork was made... Continue Reading →


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